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Mooring & Debentures

Biggest challenges in Hong Kong

Mooring & debentures

One of the biggest challenges in Hong Kong is finding a suitable mooring for your yacht. With strong yearly monsoons and typhoons you need to be confident that your yacht will be protected in a safe harbour. There are many options ranging from government swing moorings consisting of a concrete block on the seabed attached to a mooring line to a marina with walk on/ walk off capability, water, shore power, fire and safety equipment. The price range is also highly variable depending on the location and facilities of the mooring.

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Yachtmaster Marine offers

We can offer over 200 yacht berths / debentures around Hong Kong to welcome your yacht:

Gold Coast Yacht Club Individual/ Company Debentures 45ft / 60ft / 70ft / 80ft / 90ft / 100ft Berths

Clear Water Bay Yacht Club Individual/company Debentures 40ft/ 45ft / 50ft / 60ft / 70ft / 75ft berths

Hong Kong Marina Club 55ft / 60ft / 70ft Berths

Causeway Bay 40ft/ 50ft / 60ft/ 70ft moorings

Park Sha Wan /Hebe Haven 40ft / 55 ft / 69ft / 75ft Moorings (with water and electricity)

Aberdeen 45ft /60ft / 65ft / 80ft Moorings (with water and electricity)

Shau Kei Wan Sun House 50 / 60 / 70 ft Moorings

Tsing Yi Shipyard 50-100 ft Moorings (with water and electricity)

Tsing Yi Shipyard 100-200 ft Moorings (with water and electricity)

Tai Tam 50ft / 60ft / 75ft Moorings

Lamma Island 45ft -90 ft Moorings

Tso Wo Hang 40ft -100ft Moorings (barge service)

Tso Wo Hang 100-200 ft Moorings (barge service)

Shenzhen Bay Yacht Club 70ft / 80ft / 90ft Berths

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